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bold, fresh and unique jewellery pieces

Each design tells its own story; the essence of an idea, a place, a city or a beautiful object of nature; a form of tangible poetry.

Our jewellery is proudly designed and lovingly handmade in Singapore. Lightweight earrings for everyday wear, made with quality materials.

Been a fan of LS since the start and always return for their good quality and well designed products! I often get compliments when I wear them and they match with all my outfits.

Brenda Tan

Love my Moroccan tiles earrings! I get equal number of people asking me where I purchased them from and those that recognise them instantly as a Lovelystrokes classic!

Winnie Leong

One small purchase can make a big difference to a small business owner. The best gifts and handmade, Lovelystrokes has been my go-to for birthday, Christmas and gifts from Singapore!

Chrissy Lim