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Along the Amalfi Coast

Inspired by dreamy cliffsides, sun drenched lemon groves, boundless crystal seas and pastel coloured homes - an ode to the places we'll go.

Launching at 11/0, 8PM SGT

Cutout Flora

Ode to some of our favourite florals

New Styles

Launching Friday 26 Nov 6pm SGT


This collection is one of positivity and a beautiful ode to life.

Summer Palette

the latest additions and new pieces in our range

Tiles Collection

a tribute to all the beautiful tile works in Italy

bold, fresh and unique jewellery pieces

Each design tells its own story; the essence of an idea, a place, a city or a beautiful object of nature; a form of tangible poetry.

Our jewellery is proudly designed and lovingly handmade in Singapore. Lightweight earrings for everyday wear, made with quality materials.


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