Care Instructions

Lovelystrokes’ jewellery is lightweight and durable. However, it should be still be handled with care to ensure its longevity.

Here are some tips to care for your Lovelystrokes jewellery.

For all Lovelystrokes pieces:

  1. Jewellery should always be put back in the box after use and while travelling to prevent scratches on the surface from sharp objects.
  2. Jewellery should be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures to prolong colour health and durability.
  3. To restore shine to your jewellery and remove oils, lightly buff the surface with a lint-free jewellery cloth.
  4. Avoid prolonged contact with water. Make sure you remove before bathing and swimming or entering places of high humidity eg. saunas. 
  5. Avoid contact with perfume and chemicals.

For Lovelystrokes pieces with brass parts:

  1. Keep all brass parts away from water.
  2. Lightly buff the brass surface with a jewellery cloth after every use, and store in a clean and dry place. 
  3. Brass will tarnish with wear. Tarnishes can be cleaned with a jewellery cloth.
  4. To restore shine, use a brass cleaner, or DIY your own by using soap and water with a toothbrush.