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On Sapa Flora

In preparation for Public Garden this weekend, here’s a little about Sapa Flora, the pastels that were inspired by Vietnam’s mountains. 


In October, our founder Chloe made a trip to Sapa, Vietnam. While there, she ate pho by the roadside and got chased by buffaloes, among other things, but the highlight of her trip was a trek up the mountains.


Lovelystrokes Sapa Flora

While trekking, Chloe noticed that some of the flowers by the sides of the paths were missing a few petals, but were no less beautiful and charming for what they lacked.

 Lovelystrokes Sapa Flora

Then, as they neared the summit, Chloe's guide picked up a stalk of grass from the roadside and deftly folded it into a tiny grass horse for her.


Lovelystrokes Sapa Flora

It was fascinating that such an unassuming stalk of grass had transformed into something so much more than itself.

Its long horsetail, together with the flowers by the roadside, would later become part of Sapa Flora, which she designed as a reminder that everyone's hidden potential blooms in their own special way.

Hopefully, this has shown you a little more of the story behind this well-loved design! Every time you wear a pair of Sapa Flora, we hope you remember that you are perfect in all your imperfections, and much more than you think you are.

 Lovelystrokes Sapa Flora

Lovelystrokes Sapa Flora 

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